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The author ran an account from £12,000 to over £370,000
($22,000 - $698,000)

In late 2003 and 2004, he started to have success in the stock markets after quite a while of poor performance. In 2004, he ran his test account from £12,000 to over £370,000. He left his employer, a large UK investment house, and spent the last 3 months of 2004 looking back at his successes and mistakes.

He distilled what he had learned into a format that he could bring to some of his clients. He wanted to make sure what he was doing wasn't just getting lucky or this strategy was only applicable by him. In 2005, he took 10 hand-picked clients and showed them what he had learned. He removed 2 clients who didn't have the time to learn what he had to teach properly, due to work commitments. Another 2 went broke by falling for "the big one", the mistake that all investors who go broke make...but more on that another time.
Of the 6 remaining, 4 ran their trading accounts up from no more than £10,000 to over £500,000 today. This from a maximum starting amount of £10,000 and inside 33 months! One didn't trade with the instruments that he told him to trade with but still made over 350%. The other one became a millionaire from a £10,000 start. Well, he didn't become a millionaire, he ran his trading account up to a million pounds - $2m bucks.
All were already millionaires before they started...£10,000 wasn't a big issue to any of them. But they were all keen students who worked most millionaires. None of them had ever traded stocks before but they had bought plenty, usually with poor results. Most of their money was managed for them. To put it simply, he taught them some rules which have stood the test of time in the blazing cauldron of the stock market.
They were the "guinea pigs" that he used so that you could benefit from exactly what they learned...with some confidence that it wasn't just he who had produced these results with this age old system (success leaves clues). These folks were simply taught the tools and strategies he learned over years of trial and error to do the following:
- Research potential big winners
- Find stocks as they are ready to surge
- Learn to identify specific points where the risk of losing is minimized
- Learn when to get out of a position
- Operate with sound money management rules where the laws of probability are on their side.
That's it...that's all he taught them to do! What to buy, when to buy, when to sell and how to manage their money and risk. Of course it's all a bit more complex, but this is the essence of successful trading. If getting all of these parts of the puzzle right, a fortune could be the result.  If you miss any one of these critical factors, your chances of success are greatly reduced.

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