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..."The Ultimate Software Solution for Stock and Futures Daytraders. Now you can trade with the same amazing techniques that were once the closely guarded secrets of only a handful of CTAs and Floor Traders!

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Are you tired of trading with 30 year old indicators that nearly every other trader knows about? All the major charting programs and day trading software provide indicators like the RSI and moving averages, and tens of thousands of other traders use these tools. Can such widely known techniques really provide you with a trading edge? Are you really going to be able to win a professional's money using something that even the lowliest floor runner at the MERC knows about?

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Not only that, techniques like SlowK and RSI were designed before the computer age, which means they are like dinosaurs compared to what an algorithm can do today. Would you try to launch a space shuttle using kindergarten math? How about perform brain surgery with a plastic fork? If not, then how can you justify trading with these kinds of outdated tools? To succeed in the cutthroat zero-sum game of daytrading you need something more advanced than these simple formulas."...

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